Allen’s Cross Sport club

Memories of Allen’s Cross Sport’s Club – a part of Allen’s Cross Community Association

Allen's Cross Football Club Seniors 1935. Photocopy. Courtesy of Norman Harrison

Allen's Cross Community Association FC Juniors 1935. Photocopy. Courtesy of Norman Harrison

The original sports ground lease. Photocopy. Courtesy of Norman Harrison

The original sports ground lease. Photocopy. Courtesy of Norman Harrison

George Cadbury opening Allen's Cross Sports Ground. Copyright Allen's Cross Community Association

A letter regarding the application of the RAF to use Allen's Cross Sports ground for barrage balloons. January 1941. The letter is from The Birmingham Common Good Tryst to Allen's Cross Community AssociationAllen's Cross Community Association to

Memories of Arthur Harris

In 1948, at the age of 9 I was taken to a sports day at the Allens Cross Sports Ground.  The thing that stuck in my mind was seeing grown men racing on bicycles.  One of them was Tommy Godwin who was a well known rider in the Midlands.

Allen's Cross Football Club 1959

Memories of Donald Wood
Donald Wood

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Memories of Arthur Harris

I finished my apprenticeship with the MEB on 1st January 1960; I got my call up papers on 5th January and was in the army doing my national service on 21st January.  I went into the Royal Signals and after six months trade training I flew out to Tripoli, North Africa with the 219 signal squadron for eighteen months.

I played football and cricket for the squadron and on my demob from the Army on 17th January 1962 I decided I wanted to carry on playing.  I started back to work at the MEB as an electrician and then had to find football and cricket teams to play for.  I played football for a team called Park Vale in the Kings Norton League and Cricket with the Longbridge Social Club on Sundays.  It was then that I decided that I would like to play on Saturdays as well and it was suggested to me that I should join Allens Cross Cricket Club at the “ACCA” ground in Shenley Lane.  In playing for a section on the sports ground you automatically became a member of Allens Cross Community Association.  In those days the Sports Ground and Community Hall were both part of Allens Cross Community Association.

Activities at the sports ground included Allens Cross Football (in the Midland Combination) and Allens Cross Cricket (MCCC) plus Allens Cross Tennis and Allens Cross Table Tennis all in their various leagues.  The one downside to the sports ground was that it did not have a bar because it was on Cadbury Ground and being Quakers they would not allow one. My first encounter with the Main Hall was booking it for my sisters wedding in reception in September 1965.  As a member I got it for a reduced price.

Back at the sports ground in the late 1960’s a new consortium took over its organisation with the amalgamation of the Weoley Castle Centre Football Team (Castle Rovers) and Allens Cross Football Team (Allens Cross) who became Cross Castle United.  Allen Hill took over the Caretaker Grounds man job and it soon became clear that his only interest was football. The Tennis and Table Tennis sections left but the Cricket section was strong and resisted him.

When Cadburys formed a partnership with Schweppes in the early 1970’s three of their properties, the Allens Cross Sports ground, Weoley Hill Cricket and Tennis Club and the Cadbury Club in Bournville Lane were allowed to have a bar.  The sports club then went from strength to strength while the Community Hall was struggling and in the Red.

In 1983 the committee from the sports ground requested to break away from Allens Cross Community Association.  Discussions took place and Mr Chris Cadbury, who was President of the Association reluctantly agreed on the understanding that they became a Community Association.  They are now known as the Shenley Lane Community Association and Sports Club comprising of Northfield Town F.C, Allens Cross Cricket and Shenley Radford Youth Club.


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